Ein Arik Parish - Annunciation Church

Ein Arik Parish

Ein Arik is an ancient village in the Ramallah Governorate. There are two churches located in the village, and a mosque that displays the tallest minaret in all of Palestine. The village is a model of co-existence between a Muslim majority and Christians. The village is poor by current Palestinian standards, but has an abundance of water and supports agriculture that provides income for landowners. There are few businesses in the village and unemployment is high. The monks and nuns of the Little Family of the Annunciation (Italy) live in the Latin convent and have served the Christian community since 1988.

Infrastructures of the Latin Patriarchate

The Latin Patriarchate school was established in 1858 and has provided a natural venue for children of the two major religions to grow up together. Even today, the schools and activities there and at the adjacent churches make up much of the social and cultural life of the people. The victim of violence and social disruption is always the weakest member of society, and the children are the weakest. The school is one of the major assets of the town and provides jobs for people, and it has become the social institution for improving the lives of the young. The youth group is very active in promoting parish life, as is the Legion of Mary, consisting of a group of women and girls.

Photos from our Historical Archives office