Latin Patriarchate Schools - Jordan

History and background

The Church established its first Latin Patriarchate school (LPS) in Jordan in 1869, in Salt. Nowadays, the Latin Patriarchate has a network of 42 schools and kindergartens throughout Jordan. They have provided and continue to provide quality-learning opportunities for both boys and girls, children with diverse backgrounds and needs, granting them hope for a brighter future.

The Latin Patriarchate school’s system is also a major source of employment in Jordan, with around 850 professional educators and administrators serving around 10,000 students.

The Latin Patriarchate believes that access to good education, established on sound stewardship principles, should be accessible to all, regardless of economic status and family income. The LPJ subsidizes tuition for needy students, and maintains schools in remote and challenged areas, operating at substantial financial loss.

LPS Jordan Mission and Vision

LPS have been accepting students from all communities and denominations, and offering them a solid foundation in religious, moral, and academic education. The parish schools work towards the human and social development of the low-income population. This leads us to the conclusion that improving the schools in rural areas helps reducing families emigration to urban areas and abroad.

Our mission is to promote decent quality education for the children of vulnerable helpless families. On one hand, enrolling and keeping all the Christians in our schools; students who are committed to our virtues and able to contribute to the good of the community. On the other hand, establishing a culture of respect and harmony among the different components; nourishing a school community of coexistence, tolerance and acceptance between various religious sects and backgrounds; preparing them to play an essential role in the building of a sound Jordanian civil society.

Our tuition fees are modest, taking into consideration the low-income communities we cater for. Most of our students come from vulnerable communities.

Finally, we aim to create a culture of inquisitiveness and productive critical thinking minds; students who think and comprehend rather than memorize and remember information; students who have high self-esteem as outcomes of being raised and nourished in a healthy, respectful, learning environment, that could be a model of equality, peace and religious coexistence. We do believe that if a harmonious and respectful relationship is established amongst the Jordanian fabric in today's multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural world, this will surely set a very good example for others.

Contact information for the Schools

  • LPS As-Salt:  053554827
  • LPS Primary school Fuheis: 64729287; Secondary school: 64721984
  • LPS Karak: 32356560
  • LPS boys’ school Madaba: 3248412; boys’ and girls’ school: 053248412
  • LPS Husn: 02/7010847
  • LPS Ajloun: 6420019
  • LPS Anjara: 53983160
  • LPS Samakieh:  03/2320305
  • LPS Na’our: 65727645
  • LPS Ader: 32380519
  • LPS Misdar: 4737067
  • LPS Safout: 064913068
  • LPS Mafraq: 026231443
  • LPS Wahadneh: 26466293
  • LPS Zarqa-South: 53982430
  • LPS Zarqa-North: 53834069
  • LPS Al-Hashmi: 4905622
  • LPS Marka:  64893220
  • LPS Til’Al’Ali: 065540183
  • LPS Jubeiha: 5239024
  • LPS Al-Wasieh: 32381070
  • LPS Al Ashrafyeh: 064776015