The Youth of Jesus’ Homeland

Youth in Palestine

In Palestine, the Youth of Jesus’ Homeland (YJHP) aims to be an umbrella that unites and gathers all Christian children, youth groups and young adults of all parishes in Palestine. It nourishes their Christian faith and values to become an influential factor in their community, and acts as the bridge that encourages youth to actively integrate within the community on economic, political and social levels, which serve the Palestinian society.

Overview of the YJHP

Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah brought his experience of working with Middle Eastern and international youth ministries to the Holy Land in 1964, through working in parishes. YJHP is a volunteer-based mission that works under the umbrella of the Assembly of the Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land and under the administration of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. It serves about 3,500 Christian children and youth (ages range, more or less, between 7 to 35 years old), who belong to more than 18 parishes, as well as different catholic schools and churches in eight Palestinian governorates. Its motto is “I have come so that they might have life and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10), and it works on the premise of helping youth discover that faith in Jesus allows a person to live life to its fullest while living a solid Catholic moral life inspired by the word of God.

The vision of the YJHP is that Christian children and youth, all future parents and leaders, have to grow in their faith to live the way Jesus wants. And with all the impacts of the harsh environment Christian youth are currently living through, a change will only be made possible if they apply their taught values and beliefs within society.

Activities and initiatives

  • Christ the King Bookstore: a bookstore established in 2011 by the YJHP Palestine Youth Ministry. It serves the Christian community both by providing them with spiritual, cultural, historical, and philosophical materials and by allowing the YJHP to cover the costs of many of its programs, projects and activities. In 2018, the bookstore was extended with a section called "Sacrum", which provides altar furnishings and church supplies, such as Mass kits or liturgical vestments.
  • Summer camps: spiritual yearly camps organized around specific themes, during which young men and women gather to participate in various activities: discussing faith and religion, participating in plays and games, having meetings and visits, doing a variety of volunteer work in churches and monasteries, etc.
  • Celebrations of Jesus the King: each year, the YJHP celebrates the Feast of Christ the King with various events and activities: singing hymns, discussing in groups, writing poetry, performing plays, creating videos, taking group pictures, distributing gifts, and so on. 
  • Lenten activities: multiple meetings during which young participants talk about various subjects related to Christianity and their identity as young Catholic Palestinians, enjoy meditative times of reflection, and join processions to follow the footsteps of Christ.
  • Monthly prayer meetings: spiritual meetings, retreats and workshops open to all during which Mass is celebrated. The meetings offer multiple activities of prayer and reflection for the young participants to enjoy.
  • Altar servers courses: courses for all age groups, which allow the participants to assist parish officials and reflect on their faith and spiritual journey.

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Contact information
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